SoftStartRV SSRV3T by NetworkRV Enables An RV Air Conditioner To Start And Run On A Small Generator, Or Limited Power, When It Would Otherwise Not Have Started + Bonus Gift

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PROBLEM: Starting your RV’s A/C is accompanied by currents up to 5-8 times higher than normal running current. This often causes tripped breakers, flickering lights and stalled generators.

SOLUTION: The SoftStartRV smooths-out the startup power demand of the A/C compressor. A small lightweight generator, like a Honda EU2000i, can’t handle that power spike – until now. The SoftStartRV reduces compressor startup power demand by up to 70%. So your A/C starts every time. No more hauling around a big, heavy generator.

This gentler method of managing the power surge can mean the difference between using a small generator, such as a Honda EU2000i or investing thousands of dollars in a larger, heavier, backbreaking generator.

SoftStartRV consumes much less power from campground networks or a generator, but still delivers full startup torque for motors and compressors. 

When running on a campsite power cord, a SoftStartRV will resolve issues where the power source or connection may be weak.

All this power comes in an amazingly small package. At only 6.2 x 3.5 x2.5 in., the SoftStartRV takes up very little space and weighs less than 2 lb. It’s easy to install too, with just 5 wires. 

Enjoy cool air conditioning using just a small generator and a SoftStartRV – while you are out in the boonies – or anywhere else.

Don’t tie yourself down to campground electric anymore.

Experience freedom. Get a SoftStartRV today.

In The Box:

The SoftStartRV Unit – (no assembly required, ready to install) 

Install Instructions -Wiring Diagram, links to guides, videos

Support Contact Information

Bonus Install Kit: Screws, Plastic Zip Ties, Spade Connectors, Wire Caps, Crimp Caps, Alcohol Cleaning Pad, Grommet

Works With These A/Cs

Dometic Brisk I, II; Penguin I, II; Coleman Mach 1, 2, 3, 3+ 5, 8, 10; Atwood; MaxxAir; Advent; & Others

Product Features

  • Start RV A/C With Honda EU 2000 Generator, Avoid Backaches Lifting A Heavy Generator
  • Eliminate Tripped Circuits- use your A/C, fridge, hair dryer and blender at the same time
  • Avoid the A/C startup “thump” – sleep cool and quiet through the night
  • 30-Amp AC Hookup Issue? 2 Units Run 2 RV Air Conditioners On A 30-Amp – No Problem!
  • Has A One Year Warranty – extendable to 2 years, free


Anonymous says:

Performs perfectly at a great price. I am very satisfied with my entire SoftStartRV experience. It was shipped the same day I ordered it and I received it carefully packed.I found it surprisingly easy to install and it performed as advertised. Great to have A/C anytime!

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