Sojoy iHealthComfort 12V Electric Heated Travel Blanket with Intelligent Temp Controller 30/60/90 mins Timer High, Medium, Low 60″x 40″ (Brown and Cream)

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Product Features

  • Instant warmth,it can quickly increase the temperature while heating,warm in an instant so you will stays warm on the coldest weather while driving,traveling or even at home
  • It can freely choose the temperature from 30℃ to 60℃.Default temperature is 51℃
  • Timing power off protection, you can choose 30 mins,45 mins or 60 mins.Default timing is 45 mins
  • It is equipped with electric protection device,when the temperature reach you choose,it will automatically power off,when the temperature gets lower than you choose,it will automatically work again,so you can use it at ease
  • 12V Heated Travel Cars, SUVs, Trucks Camping Blanket


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