Solar Charger 40W Portable Solar Panel Foldable High Efficiency 5V USB 18V DC Dual Output Charger for Laptop Tablet GPS Cell Phone

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USB and DC Dual Output

Being able to generate up to 40W output featuring 5V USB and 18V DC dual output, the solar panel allows you to charge your phone and laptop simultaneously. The package includes a 10-in-1 connector cable that delivers power from the solar panel to your laptop directly without any adapter or AC outlets needed, also includes SAE, DC cables for more energy storage devices.

Charge Fast, Charge Smart

An intelligent chip (TIR-C technology) inside the unit will automatically adjust the electrical current in order to offer the fastest possible charge for whatever device is plugged in, without overloading or overheating that device. During charging, our newest solar cell made of single-crystal silicon will offer up to 23.5% efficiency, which is much higher than most of solar panels on the market.


1x40W Folding solar panel

1xDC5521 male to DC5521 male

10xDC Laptops Connector

1xUser Manual                


This solar panel charger does NOT store power, you will need a power bank to store power or connecting to your device directly to charge.

Product Features

  • HIGH EFFICIENT:Constructed with 40 watts sunpower panel,the power conversion rate increases up to 23.5%,providing enough power to charge 2 devices simultaneously
  • MOST COMPATIBLE:5V USB and 18V DC dual output are compatible for most electronic devices,the charger can automatically identify the current of your equipment and speed up the charge process
  • AUTOMATIC RESTART:Sometimes the charging is interrupted by the sudden shade,cloud or forest, this Solar Charger will automatically restart charging when the sunlight is strong enough
  • Highly Portable:Ultra lightweight (2.8 Ib) and ultra compact (13.2x 6.9x 1.9in folded or 47.2x 13.2in opened),east to carry for outdoor activities such as camping,hiking,fishing
  • Highly Durable:Industrial-strength PET polymer fabric to withstand rugged attrit for outdoor use.Exposure to damp conditions will not damage the exterior part of the solar charger


Anonymous says:

Can only attest to the 5v portion I can only attest to the 5v output as I am in an isolated environment and don’t have access to a voltmeter right now, but I have a USB volt/ammeter, and the output measures between 1.0-1.6A at 5.05V, which is 8 Watts. Not sure why it’s made to put out 2.22A at 18V (which is 40W) but only an advertised 2.1A at 5v, which, at best, is still only 10.5W. Why not let it push it’s potential 8A and let the electronic device you plug into it regulate what it needs to pull from that? It might work…

Anonymous says:

Great Solar Panel to Charge my IForway Generator

Customer Video Review Length:: 4:35 Mins This solar panel is very compact. If fits easily in to my backpack and camping gear. I love the fact it charges my portable Iforway AC generator.

Anonymous says:

Quality product that performed well. This solar charger worked very well. I noticed that even when there was a little overcast, it was still producing current. Did not have a way to really test the output, but found no fault in it’s ability to charge my backup battery packs for device charging like phones and pads. It worked well enough to buy another in the future.

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