Spearhead Beam Force ULTRA 26″+16″ Wiper Blades w/Teflon Rubber for Longer Life, Warranty (Pair)

July 7, 2019 - Comment
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Check Vehicle Fitment

Our Beam Force ULTRA wiper blades are sold as pairs that will fit the Front ‘Driver’ + ‘Passenger’ windshield – please verify fitment by entering the year, make and model of your vehicle using Amazon’s ‘My Garage’ tool above.

About Spearhead

We are a family-owned operation leveraging 30 years of automotive parts sourcing for some of the largest automotive aftermarket suppliers in the USA to build a brand customers can trust to find the best products at the best prices.

How to fix common windshield wiper problems

Adjust the tension on your blades by manually lifting the wiper blade away from the windshield then letting it snap back onto the windshield.Check for a bent wiper arm by stopping the blades in the mid-stroke position to see if the wiper arm is parallel to the windshield then replace if necessary.If the blade is not making full contact with the windshield take a plier and bend the mid-to-edge section of the wiper arm downwards toward the windshield.Use hot, soapy water and clean both the windshield and wiper blade rubber thoroughly to remove any grease or buildup.

When is the ‘right’ time to replace my wiper blades?

Excessive Streaking/Smearing: This normally indicates a worn wiper blade.Every 6-12 Months: Depending on the climate & usage, we recommend replacing wiper blades as often as 6 months up to every 12 months for optimal safety.High Temperature Climate: Exposure to heat will actually shorten the lifespan of the wiper blade significantly vs. being used in the rain/snow.Not Sure: If you don’t remember the last time you replaced your wiper blades, it’s time to change them out!

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions/concerns, message us using Amazon’s ‘contact seller’ form. We respond to all messages within 24 hours.

Product Features

  • CUSTOM TEFLON COATED RUBBER – We formulate, test and apply our own unique Teflon blend to the wiper rubber of our Beam Force ULTRA blades for quiet, evenly balanced and streak-free strokes.
  • SECUREST J-HOOK CONNECTION AVAILABLE – Unlike standard J-Hook or multi-adapter wiper blades, our DirectFit™ adapters are mounted directly onto the frame of the blade and will NOT loosen over time when installed properly.
  • CHOOSING A BEAM TYPE BLADE – Beam blades have very few moving parts that allow it to last much longer vs. conventional blades. Tension springs inside the frame offer infinite pressure points for evenly distributed aerodynamic pressure along the entire curvature of the windshield for quiet & complete wipes.
  • REGRET FREE 6 MONTH WARRANTY – Our Beam Force ULTRA wiper blades have been meticulously developed to win customers for life – we hope our 6 Month Warranty commitment and friendly family-run customer support reflect that.
  • FREE SAME BUSINESS DAY SHIPPING DIRECTLY FROM OUR WAREHOUSE – You can expect Amazon Prime level ship speeds of your wiper blades – accurately picked, carefully packed and shipped damage-free directly to your door – or your money back!


Anonymous says:

Performance and fit Wipers worked very good, we have some heavy rain, here in the south, during spring and these worked just fine on my Santa Fe. J hook fit was very firm and blades did not twist on the arm when driving in heavy rain and no chatter, they ran in s smooth manner, so I’m happy and will see how long they last. I plan to get the extremes for my truck, thanks

Anonymous says:

The Best Wiper Blade It was very easy to install the Spearhead Beam Force wiper blade on my CRV. It was raining when I installed it so I had a chance to see it in action. It wiped off the water from 97% of the front window and it did an excellent job. It’s the best wiper blade I’ve used. I highly recommend it.

Anonymous says:

Great Quality for the Value I bought these to replace my PIAA silicone wipers that lasted me nearly three years on my 2007 Ford Fusion AWD. While those are great wipers the only problem is they’re roughly $25 per wiper blade. I really didn’t want to spend another $50 on wipers again even though they lasted me three years so I browsed Amazon and found these wipers by Spearhead. I bought a pair since they were only $20 for a pair and I was surprised by the quality. They are similar to Rain-X Latitude wiper blades, but their…

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