Start Your Engines! Fuel System Revitalizer and Starter Fluid for 2 and 4 Cycle Small Engines, 2 Fl. oz.

April 16, 2017 - Comment
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Start Your Engine’ Fuel System Revitalizer is designed to ensure easy starting of outdoor power equipment, smooth rough idling and stalling, and helps remove gum and varnish from throttle plate and carburetor. One 2 ounce container will treat up to 1 gallon of fuel and will revitalize old fuel.

Product Features

  • Additive ensures quick easy starts after extended storage, and ensures smooth idling and performance in season
  • For all 2 and 4-cycle small engines
  • Revitalizes fuel and the entire fuel system
  • Made in the U.S.A.


aimee wachowicz says:

I put this in and bam it purred like a kitten This stuff works miracles. If you don’t use a fuel stabilizer this is a must. Try this before messing around with the carburetor. This worked for me. I left the gas in my brand new snowblower last year and the first heavy snowstorm it would t start. I put this in and bam it purred like a kitten. Good stuff to keep on hand.

Mike M says:

Amazing This Stuff Really Works I never write reviews ever. But this product blew my mind. 

Lonnie D. Thornton says:

Works great! I put it in the tank Put it in my MTD yard edger. Works great! I put it in the tank, in the carburator, and took the spark plug out and sprayed it in the head. Let it sit for about 15 minutes then pulled on the rope about 10 times and it started up but ran rough for about 15 seconds then smoothed out. Starts on the first pull with the engine warmed up. I should also add that I pumped the primer bulb about 40 times before I tried to start the MTD yard edger. If it starts tomorrow with a cold engine in two or three…

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