SudMagic Boar Hair Car Detailing Brushes – Detail Brush 4 Piece Set for Cleaning Automotive Wheels, Rims, Interior and Exterior

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Looking for scratch-free boar hair detailing brushes? These premium boar bristle brushes provide the optimal firmness for keeping your car exterior and interior clean. The brushes are firm enough to remove dirt and grime but soft enough to not leave scratches or swirls on your wheels or paint, leaving your car looking its best.

This 4 piece kit contains 2 brushes each of both of our most popular size brushes. The brush sizes are as follows:

Large: 1.25″ Diameter – 9.25″ in length (including 2″ long bristles)
Small: 1″ Diameter – 9″ in length (including 2″ long bristles)

Boar bristle brushes are great for cleaning rims (chrome, alloy, or painted), wheels, tires, lug-nuts, air-vents, carpet, emblems, leather seats, dash-boards, engine compartments and all other interior and exterior parts. No wash is complete without a set of scratch-less brushes. Whether washing a car, truck, van, SUV, motorcycle or anything else, this product will help achieve a spotless shine.

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Product Features

  • PREMIUM BOAR HAIR BRISTLES: Many detail professionals rank boar hair bristle brushes as their favorite type of brush because they clean without scratching.
  • SCRATCH FREE DETAILING BRUSHES: These car detailing brushes contain no metal and are designed to clean without scratching.
  • MANUFACTURED TO MINIMIZE SHEDDING: Nobody wants a brush that leaves behind bristles while their cleaning. We’ve worked closely with our manufacturer to ensure these brushes shed as little as possible.
  • VARNISH FINISHED WOOD HANDLES: Helps protect the wood from water and cleaning chemicals and is more comfortable to hold than an untreated wooden handle.
  • FOUR BRUSHES INCLUDED IN EACH SET: After popular demand, we’ve created a four piece detailing brush set that includes two brushes of both of our most popular size brushes.


Kevin J. Osiowy says:

Good for cleaning Shop Vac type filters too. I bought these brushes to use to clean caked fine sawdust from reusable ShopVac filters. They work perfectly by being flexible enough not to damage the folded paper-like material the filters are made of while being stiff enough to work into the folds to thoroughly clean the filters.

Orrett says:

Fantastic product Fantastic product. Used it on my paint to brush away after polish residue, no issues. Used it for interior detailing, no issues .(No issues mean no scratching of paint, no loss of brush hair, no curling, sturdy wooden handle). This a detailers review and this product deserves the five stars.

Bananas says:

Excellent tool for detailing I’ve been putting off buying these because of the price, but now I’m really wishing I didn’t.These make cleaning your wheels, interior, and around the badges MUCH easier. I’m using one for wheels, one for the badges, and one for the interior. I haven’t found a use for the 4th one yet, but perhaps it can just be a backup in case one breaks.The bristles seem to be stuck on there very well, and I haven’t had any shedding problems.

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