Super Easy HD Emergency Traction Snow Mud SUV Tire Chains – Anti Skid Multi-functional Universal Fit for Pickup SUV Car Van Light Truck ATV Jeep Motorcycle Honda Toyota Nissan VW Ford BMW GMC

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【 Product Brief】
Emergency is always unpredictable,especially run into Emegerncy of snow, slippery lawn/mud road etc.,here you go,here is an alternative for emergency!
It is 2019 Newest Super Easy HD Emergency Snow Mud Chains,super easy to put-on/take-off in still,
since no shaking, Easy HD Snow Mud Chains can be pre-installed to prevent the stuck/skid on the half way. And it is light, easy carried, heavy-duty, never broken,
work at all weather condition, so absolutely Driving Essentials in winter! Suit for Pickup, SUV, Light Truck, Jeep, ATV, Sedan, Motorcycle etc..

【Key Features】
1. Equipped with special metal breaker,to break snow/frozen no doubt, gearing with ground firmly, no shaking on steering wheel, as 4th pic
2. The metal knuckle adopts the special lock mechanism,multi-functional, always offer you the firm connection, never loose,as 7th,8th pic
3. Adopts special hd metal ties with plastic coating,easy carried, never frozen,reusable, can be rebuilt into misc form, like a durable rope,max length 26ft,suit to fix/hang thing for Transport/Camp etc.,as 5th~8th pic

【Standard Shipment】
8pcs* Super Easy Universal Fit HD Emergency Snow Mud Tire Chains/Order as 8th pic

*[Main material:metal,as 6th,legth/ties: 100cm/39.4″]
*Propose 1~2 orders/car,4pcs/wheel least, to wrap Easy HD chains on the transmission driving wheels TIGHTLY,more chains more safe,pls drive speed under 40mil/hr
*Please do validate Tire Type as demonstrated 145~325,as 9th pic,propose to tight the batterfly nut with the pliers
*Not FIT the wheel tire whose diameter is ≤ R15,since Gap between Disk Braker Caliper and Rim might be < 2CM[0.8"],Ties will interfere with Caliper,as 9th pic
*Just remind, before payment please ensure you are dealing with Comfort (Shenzhen) Tech Co.,Ltd.,unique technology&material guarantees,
Place the order and get 2~5 local delivery right now!

Product Features

  • SUPER EASY TO PUT-ON/TAKE-OFF IN STILL: since easy hd snow mud chains adopt the uniqe mechanic desgin and special fixing mechanism, more easier than tie/untie the belt
  • MORE QUICK TO BRING YOUR CAR OUT FROM STUCK, since easy hd easy snow mud chains is equipped with special metal breaker and hd metal ties, gearing with ground more firmly, and since no shaking no bumping on steering wheel, can be pre-installed for prevention purpose
  • UNIVERSAL FIT ALL DOMENSTRATED ALUMINIUM RIM TIRE whose width: 145, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 205, 215, 225, 235, 245, 255, 265, 275, 285, 295, 305, 315, 325, no tire limitition any more
  • WORKS AT EXTREME CONDITION, all parts made of special metal, heavy-duty, anti-corrosion, fronzenproof, resusable, suitable for all weather, and harmless to wheel rim/tire
  • MULTI-FUNCITONAL since the easy hd snow mud chains can be rebuilt into misc form, like act as durable traction survival rope, wrapping rope for Pickup and Camp etc., max length 26ft, absolutely deserved driving essentials, especially in winter!


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