SUPERJARE Telescoping Snow Brush with Integrated Ice Scraper & Squeegee Head, Extendable Snow Broom with Foam Grip Suitable for Small Car, Black & Blue

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The snow brush is used for cleaning ice and snow off car windows easily, it is equipped with an adjustable head, rubber squeegee, telescopic handle and detachable ice scraper. Awesome for frosty and snowy mornings, when you open your door and find your car is covered by snow.
You could use the brush and scrapper to clean snow and ice on the windshield of your car in a few minutes, cushy telescoping handle will make the process more easily!

Color: Black & Blue
Material: Foam, Plastic
Dimensions: 11″ W x 6″ D x (31″-39″) H
Weight: 1.8 lbs

Shipping List:
– 1 x Brush Head
– 1 x Telescoping Extender
– 1 x Ice Scraper
– 1 x Instructions

NOTES: 1. Ice scraper can become hard at a low temperature, so it is only suitable to clear frost on window or windshield. Ice scraper should not be used to touch car paint, as it could leave a mark.
2. Protect yourself from splashing ice debris when using ice scraper.
3. In case of serious freezing phenomenon in winter, we recommend that you turn on warm air in your car for a few minutes, then use the snow brush to clear away ice.

Product Features

  • IMPROVED BRUSH HEAD – The brush features a 7-position pivoting head for a full range of motion, it locks in place to ensure that the head won’t slide or rotate, so you can adjust the snow remover to different angles. In addition, we thickened the material of the pivot joint to make it more durable
  • RUBBER SQUEEGEE HEAD – After cleaning up snow with the bristle, you could use the rubber squeegee on the other side to clear off snow slag or water left on the car. Plus, we have specially processed the bristles, 3 row bristles are thicker to clean up snow more effectively, and softer to reduce the possibility of scratching your car
  • DETACHABLE ICE SCRAPER – Ice scraper is mainly used to break through ice surface on windshield quickly. You can also take it apart to remove ice or heavy frost. Note: When the windshield is freezing heavily, we recommend that you turn on the warm air in your car for a few minutes to make it easier to clear away ice
  • TELESCOPING HANDLE – The handle can be stretched from 31″ to 39″ to fit your needs during the cleaning process. And the handle is also equipped with a cushioned grip, making it more comfortably to use
  • EASY TO STORE & SIMPLE ASSEMBLY – The whole snow brush can be detached in three parts, it can be kept in your car and only occupies a small space. In addition, the assembly is a breeze. Just in a minute, you can complete the whole assembly process


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