TamerX Diesel 14mm Fuel Injector Cap/Block-Off Tool for 5.9L Dodge/Cummins (Individual)

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This package includes one (1) Cap/Block-Off Tool.

The TamerX Diesel Fuel Injector Cap / Block-Off Tool for 5.9L Dodge/Cummins is a toolbox essential for everyone working on common rail Cummins fuel systems.

When a Cummins common rail engine fails to start, your first troubleshooting step should be to check fuel rail pressure. If the pressure is under 5,000 PSI (on a 5.9L engine), the most likely culprit is a defective diesel fuel injector returning excess fuel back to the tank. A return flow volume test will allow you to determine if excessive fuel return flow is the issue.

To identify the individual cylinder that is at fault, you will use this cap/block-off tool. The diesel fuel injection line is removed from one cylinder at a time and the cap is then installed on the fuel rail in place of each injection line. When the bad injector is blocked off, the fuel pressure at the rail will increase and your engine will start.

In some situations, it can be useful to have multiple block-off tools, because multiple diesel injectors returning a small amount of diesel fuel will display the same symptoms as an individual diesel injector returning an excessive amount of fuel.

The diesel injector cap tool can also be used for diagnosing engine knocking sounds that could possibly be caused by a diesel injector or a single cylinder issue, especially on engines where you can’t use a scan tool or if a scan tool is unavailable.

This injector block-off tool is appropriate for the following applications:

MAKE: Dodge
ENGINE: Cummins 5.9L (Common Rail)
YEARS: 2003-2007

This tool will also work on other vehicles with a 14mm fuel line nut.

Product Features

  • An essential tool for anyone who works on 5.9L Common Rail Cummins engines
  • Helps in identification of faulty diesel fuel injectors and diagnosis of engine knocking sounds
  • This tool will also work on other vehicles with a 14mm fuel line nut.


Anonymous says:

Product works great! Product just as described worked great! Quickly got here! Great company to work with.

Anonymous says:

Five Stars Worked great, waay cheaper then buying an injector tube to diagnosis a bad injector.

Anonymous says:

Works just as good as the OE ones Works just as good as the OE ones. Lets you know which injectors are failing. Super useful if your scanner cannot perform certain tests.

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