TECHRON 266708118 Protection Plus Marine Fuel System Treatment 4oz Counter Display, Pack of 12, 48. Fluid_Ounces, 12 Pack

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Techron Marine Fuel System Treatment is specifically engineered to be an excellent solution for protection in the recreational boating industry. Techron Marine combines corrosion protection with fuel stability, detergency for cleaning power; all without contributing to water uptake. Recommended for use in: All Gasoline engines including two-stroke, four-stroke, carbureted, port- or electronic-fuel-injected and direct-injected engines. Not for Aviation. Engines burning E0 or ethanol-blended fuel such as E10, E15 and E85. Will not harm catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.

Product Features

  • Alcohol-free, emulsifier-free unique formuation that does not contribute to water uptake
  • Best in class corrosion protection of the entire fuel system in both fresh water and salt water environments
  • Stabilizes fuel up to 2 years so you can store with confidence
  • Techron Marine cleans carbon deposits, dissolves gum and varnish buildup, and helps prevent new deposit formation – so you can enjoy optimized engine performance with more power


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