The Last Coat Car Polish Set – Liquid Coating Protection Premium Microfiber Towels & Sprayers Included – Paint Care & Repair for Car or Any Surface Use

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Utilizing a built-in coating technology which cleans, shines and protects within 60 seconds of application, The Last Coat Car Polish Set is sure to please. If you’re tired of a dull finish on your vehicle and want to make all your surfaces shine using only a small amount of product with little effort, then this professional strength, high-concentration surface enhancer is a must-have.

Cars, motorcycles, household appliances, chrome, glass and more can be treated and protected in no time at all. Developed by exotic car detailers, TLC is a liquid glass, nano coating which dramatically improves the appearance of any material or surface. You don’t have to stop when done cleaning your vehicle’s exterior either. This versatile product can be used on interior surfaces as well, including plastic, leather and vinyl.

TLC leaves a mirror-like finish on any surface every single time you use it. Easy to apply, anyone can polish their entire car in less than 25 minutes, no matter what age or shape you’re in. There are two sets available – each one containing high-quality, professional grade microfiber towels to make your job even easier.

For the first application, use on a clean, dry surface free of contaminants. Spray evenly and spread while hand buffing into the surface using a clean microfiber towel, then flip to the dry side often to buff. Take a second, clean towel and do one last buff of the area you just polished. Unique to other polishing products, this car polish provides more depth to the reflection than anything else out there.

When you spray, wipe or buff TLC onto your vehicle, you’re creating an ultra- thin layer which protects your car from water, dirt, UV rays and heat for up to 24 weeks, making future cleanings much easier. The average sized vehicle should only take between 2-3 ounces, confirming that a little TLC goes a long way.

Product Features

  • INSTANT ENHANCER. A professional strength, INSTANT high concentration surface enhancer, The Last Coat Car Polish utilizes a built-in coating technology that cleans, shines and protects within 60 seconds of application!
  • IMPECCABLE RESULTS. Containing no oil or silicone, TLC is a water-based formula that goes on smooth and wipes off even smoother with no streaks. It creates an ultra-thin layer, protecting your car against water, dirt, UV rays and heat for up to 24 weeks.
  • VERSATILE CAR POLISH. This car polish leaves a mirror-like finish every time it’s used, dramatically improving the appearance of any material or surface – cars, motorcycles, household appliances, glass and much more.
  • CHOICE OF SIZE. To meet your needs, The Last Coat Car Polish is available in two sets – Our Pro Kit which includes a 16-ounce bottle with a SpeedWay Series Sprayer and two towels, and Monster Kit that includes a full 16-ounce bottle, a gallon jug, SpeedWay Series Sprayer and five towels.
  • PREMIUM MICROFIBER TOWELS. These 400 GSM professional microfiber towels boast over 90,000 microfibers per square inch. Scratch-free, lint-free and ultra-absorbent, these towels contain no tags or edges that can scratch delicate surfaces.


Anonymous says:

Way too expensive for its performance. 1st off let me say I washed, decon sprayed, Clayed, and polished ok so now that we established I know what I’m doing… For the $ I’m not very impressed. If you’re going to charge $40 a bottle you better deliver and honestly this isn’t any better then turtle 🐢 wax ice wax and honestly I think McGuire’s ultimate fast finish is better. But I understand this product is extremely versatile but in that market I’d rather purchase protectAll for $10 a bottle. But I’m sure this has some market but for…

Anonymous says:

Great Stuff The attached picture is the side panel and muffler on my Harley. I’ve been riding for almost two decades and have always been in search of a wax that would give me the perfect shine. I think I’ve finally found it the The Last Coat polish. I included the attached picture because after using The Last Coat on my bike I panicked and thought I had a crease in my side panel. It turned out to be a reflection of something in my garage. This is great stuff. Easy to apply. The only drawback is the…

Anonymous says:

Had to restrain myself from giving this product ONE star GOOD: After cleaning the windshield, applied TLC to it. I think there was a difference in the water sheeting (and presumably dirt/dust protection). As to the car… The 2010 minivan’s clear coat was already mostly gone, and was hoping TLC would provide some outer protection. Applied FOUR+ separate coats to the hood, and a bit of the roof. After using half a bottle (following directions AND youtube directions), there was virtually NO noticeable difference. This was a birthday present to my…

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