Trillium Worldwide (TWI-97291) Black Anti-Skid Cargo Liner

June 28, 2016 - Comment
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Non-Slip Cargo & Trunk Liner. Made from durable, yet lightweight PVC and polyester, the Cargo & Trunk Liner features a leak/skid-resistant surface that assists in preventing items in the cargo area or trunk from shifting while driving. The liner can be trimmed to fit perfectly into the back of any vehicle and the generous 47″ x 47″ square size helps to keep the vehicle clean by protecting the carpeting and floor from dirt, grease and grime. Going to the grocery store? Use the liner to keep groceries and other items in place while driving. Going to the beach or the park? The liner will collect sand, water and other unwanted debris from cooler bottoms and chairs. Taking the dogs to the groomer or picking up plants and flowers? No problem. Simply remove the liner and shake it out, making clean-up a cinch.

Product Features

  • Heavy-duty, leak-resistant PVC/polyester liner measures 47″x 47″ x 3/16″
  • Dimpled non-slip, dark gray surface prevents gear, groceries, supplies, plants, cargo from sliding
  • Installs in seconds and the universal fit is an economical alternative to custom-fit liners
  • Protects cargo area and carpet from dirt, grime, grease, liquids, and pets – use in the garage or workshop too
  • Cleans up easily with a damp cloth or sponge


Amazon Customer says:

it is black, and the quality and price is better than expected. as stated by previous buyers, this comes in the color black, which is what I preferred. the quality is good. and this is not a typical rubber mat. it seems of good quality. the only way for me to describe is maybe a cousin to a thin bath mat? it seems to be cushioned? almost changed my mind, because I thought it was too nice to put in my cargo area. but I placed anyway in my 2013 Honda fit. it is too big, but for the quality and price, I have no trouble folding over to fit. it is bigger than I thought. happy with my purchase.

digiRAMbo says:

Durability of the liner is questionable. As soon as I received it, I opened the liner so that I could place it in my trunk. The liner was stuck to itself and parts were torn off when opened fully (see picture). Luckily, I am able to get a replacement for free (since it happened even before using the item), but I am questioning durability of the liner.

BLACK ICE2597 says:

Sharp scissors and a lot of patients… That is the key for this to look great! Sooooo….. Umm yeah love this stuff. I am getting another one so I can do a better job of cutting it to follow the contours of my cargo area. I figured out how to cut it right after I had done 3 sides of it. So the one fits like a glove and looks awesome the other two look like it got attacked by a weed whacker. It does work really great and things just sit in the back instead of sliding every time I turn a corner. I put this in my 2016 Hyundai Tucson and it is plenty big. I put it in the back of my explorer before cutting it and it was plenty big for that too. Very sharp scissors is the key. And do not rush it. be slow and precise and it will look great. Now for ordering a second one…. God I love my PRIME.

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