VINYL FROG Chameleon Vinyl Wrap Matte Metallic Vehicle Film Purple-Green Stretchable Air Release DIY Decals 12″x60″(1x5ft)

October 17, 2019 - Comment
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Chameleon Vehicle Wrap Sticker
Size: 12″x60″
Material:High flexible polymeric PVC
Production Process:Calendered
Film thickness (with glue):150micron,4.8mil
Release liner:140g/m2, Silicone coated with air channels
Temperature resistance:-40°c to +200°c
Application:Cars & Vans,Trucks,Watercraft,Laptop,Cell phones,Wall,Furniture etc
Installation Instructions to Wrap a Car:
1.Measure the width and length of the vehicle you are about to install with,leave the extra length while you cut the film.
2.Clean up the applying surface thoroughly,keep it clean.
3.Cut your film according to different hardware of the vehicle.
4.Release the back paper,stick it on an ideal psition.
5.Cut out the redundant material,fit the size with your applying hardware.
6.Get rid of any bubbles on the film with your squeegee,make sure there is no space between the applying surface and the film.
7.Tuck in the film to the edge and corner properly,make sure the film sticks tightly to the surface.
8.Use heat gun to dry it up.
9.Don’t overstretch the film.

Product Features

  • UNIQUE & STYLISH APPEARANCE-Made from high quality and environment friendly PVC materials.Stable molecular structure and color pigments,don’t fade easily.This vinyl added metallic component during the production process will make it extremely shiny in the sunshine.Unique color and effect bring your vehicle an exceptionally stylish outfit
  • NO BUBBLE OR RESIDUES TROUBLES-Designed with micro air release channel,easy to to install.The air trapped under the vinyl can be push out by a single squeegee.Perfect finish guarantee.Besides,glue with great quality makes it easy to apply and remove,no residues left.All assure a fast,easy and virtually trouble installation
  • MULTIPLE PROTECTION-The film,firm,highly flexible and stretchable with great conformability,can overcome general scratches and hit,protect surfaces from dirt and avoid exposure to weather
  • FLEXIBLE & DURABLE-up to 3-5 years indoors,1-3 years outdoors.Pliable to flat surfaces,simple and moderate compound curves
  • WIDE APPLICATION- bond to flat or curved surfaces like roofs,hoods,trunk,bumpers,fenders,mirror covers,dashboards,spoiler,lips,side pillar bars,rims,door handles,windshield,interior trim,cell phones,laptop,cabinets and other home furniture


Anonymous says:

Looks good, easy to apply. Apply even a little heat, and this stuff stretches quite a bit. It’s super forgiving material, and relatively easy to work with. It conforms to curves on multiple planes, and it looks great – the “chameleon” effect is pretty cool.

Anonymous says:

Works great, crazy color I used this to wrap an RC body shell. It was quite challenging but that mainly had to do with my ability, but it did get better as I made more attempts. The job, although not perfect, came out great in my opinion. A great but challenging way to either do up a new body or restore/revamp and old one.

Anonymous says:

Extremely easy to use even for a first timer. Pros: Came on time Received everything promised Looks even better than online imageCons Only bad thing is I liked it better than expected now I am wrapping the whole truck and not just the lower half.

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