Wirelessan Wireless5.8 GHz Video Transmitter & Receiver Kit for Cars, Small Trucks, or Personal Hobby Video Transmit etc. Backup Camera System

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Product Description:

The receiver is connected to monitor, and the transmitter is connected to rear camera.They are generally used as car backup camera.

Wireless Receiver& Transmitter Specification:

voltage:DC 9-30V;

Receiver/transmitter frequency: 5725 MHz

power output: 600 MW;

Video format: NTSC/PAL; Recommended use 12 V

WorkingTEMP: -10°c ~+80°c

Receiver sensibility:- 85 Dbm;

Working current: DC 12V/ 300 mA;

AVOUT interface: RCA jack.


 Transmitter can supply power to camera, power input equals to output. If you supply 12 V to transmitter, transmitter will supply 12V to camera.

Please do not supply high voltage(out of 12 V) to transmitter if your camera cannot withstands high voltage(over 12 V).

Please check the voltage range of your camera before connecting it to transmitter.

Package list:

1x wireless receiver

1x wireless transmitter

2x 5.8 GHz antenna

1x Manual

Product Features

  • 5.8GHz Wireless RCA Video receiver/transmitter kit for Cars, Small trucks, or Personal Hobby Video Transmit.
  • The Transmitter wire to reverse camera, the Receiver wire to Rear View Monitor they will work auto when they are powered by supply
  • Receiver/transmitter frequency: 5725MHZ, composite video signal transmit distance: 30-100ft / Up to 50M (line of sight)
  • Transmitter/Receiver Cable Length:1.5m, Power Require: DC 9V-30V (Tips: Please install in the car, no waterproof)
  • stable wireless signal, high quality image, Easy to install, to be used with in-car monitor, camera, etc.


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