Z-EDGE Z3G Dash Cam, 2560x1440P 30fps Quad HD Car Dash Camera with GPS Logging, 2.7-Inch Screen, WDR, Low Light Vision, Parking Mode, G-Sensor, Auto Record, Support up to 128GB

February 13, 2019 - Comment
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Featuring the top-notched NTK96663 chip-set and cutting-edge OV4689 CMOS image sensor, Z3G dash cam records highest up to stunning Wide Quad HD(WQHD) [email protected] or [email protected], 7 resolution mode for your option freely, Delivering superior performance to clearly capture speeding license plates. Optimized 150°wide angle lens will reduce blind spots and cover full 4 lane coverage, while minimizing fisheye image distortion and capturing the license plates cars as well as road signs during the day and night with scratch-resistant 2.7 inch screen.

Product Features

  • 【ULTRA 1440P IMAGE QUALITY】Featuring the top-notch NTK96663 chip-set and cutting-edge OV4689 CMOS image sensor. The Z3G dash cam records in stunning resolutions at Wide Quad HD (WQHD) [email protected] or [email protected] Features 7 resolution modes for you to choose from. This dash cam delivers superior performance to clearly capture vehicle license plates. Optimized 150° wide angle lens will reduce blind spots and cover 4 lanes while minimizing fisheye image distortion.
  • 【WDR TECHNOLOGY】Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) ensures the Z3G compensates for light/dark spots to balance exposure. Superior low light compensation at the touch of a button, and a six layer glass lens offer the superior video quality you need whilst driving at night
  • 【GPS LOGGER】Integrated GPS receiver in the suction cup mount and can pinpoint the location of the car dash cam anywhere on earth. GPS tracking data records location, speed, time and other variables. All this can be played back alongside the video recordings on the GPS multimedia player, which you can download free from our website.
  • 【AUTOMATIC SAFEGUARDS】Automatic Ignition recording powers on the dash cam and records when you start your vehicle. Once the ignition is turned off the dash camera saves any current recordings and switches off. Features an energy saving LCD screen off timer. Loop recording function for efficient storage management. Manual and automatic video protection from deletion. One button on/off audio recording. Built-in G-sensor triggers crash vibration detection recording.
  • 【BUY FROM US】Supports up to 128GB card (most other models can only support up to 64GB card). Solid suction mount with screw-in attachment make it fully adjustable for best viewing and quick removal. An extra-long 13-foot USB cable makes routing inside your vehicle’s interior easy. Dual port USB adapter so you can charge other devices while powering the dash camera. 30 days money back guarantee, 18 month warranty and lifetime support!


Anonymous says:

Awesome deal great dash cam! This was really easy to install and is built to last. It has built in GPS and supports up to 128gb micro as card. It comes with a long enough cable to tuck away so that the cable isnt visible in your car. It also has an adapter for the lighter input so I can plug two USB items in. As soon as I start my car it turns on and when parking I can set it to detect impact which will trigger the camera to turn on.This was a great purchase. Will most likely buy a second for my other car

Anonymous says:

Perfect for High Traffic Areas I bought this for my husband because he commutes into the city. He parks in high traffic areas and worries about his car getting hit. It’s already been scratched a few times and of course no one took responsibility. With a camera we have the chance at getting a license plate. It’s also nice because if he is involved in an accident (which happens more often around here due to the high volume of commuters and cars) it can help prove who is at fault. The device is easy to use and exactly what we…

Anonymous says:

Feature packed Dash Cam – good for frequent drivers I never really thought I needed a dash cam until I realized how helpful they can be when you get into an accident and have video evidence to show your insurance company what actually happened. I tried a couple of different dash cams with limited success. Recently I needed an upgrade and settled on the Z-Edge because it was brand new, feature packed, and had a fair price.My favorite things about this camera are:- UHD resolution (1440p is amazing – I can use this dash cam like a…

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